Do our nuclear power plants provide security of supply?

They certainly do! Belgium's nuclear power plants still account for half of Belgium's electricity needs.

When considered over a full year, a nuclear power plant produces electricity on average 80% of the time, offshore wind turbines 38% of the time, onshore wind turbines 20% of the time and solar panels only 10% of the time. Belgium's nuclear power plants perform very well and are reliable and are not dependent on wind, solar or the highly volatile prices of fossil fuels. 

At the same time, we also believe that renewable energy is the future. Electrabel is already the largest green energy producer in Belgium and we want to maintain that position. However, at present, there are not enough technical solutions to store excess renewable energy to bridge periods with little wind or sun. Therefore, so-called "baseload power plants" that produce electricity independently of weather conditions are still needed. These can be nuclear power plants or gas power plants.

According to Elia, in the event of a complete nuclear exit, even with major investments in renewable energy, our country will need new baseload power plants. In Belgium, the government is therefore focusing on the construction of efficient gas-fired power stations to help guarantee the country's security of supply as transitional energy. 

Baseload power plants that produce electricity independently of weather conditions are still needed.

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