ENGIE's cookie policy


ENGIE (Electrabel NV, Simon Bolivarlaan 36, 1000 Brussels) uses cookies and similar technologies (collectively referred to as “cookies”) on its websites and apps. Cookies are small information files that are saved on your computer or device when you visit our websites and apps.

On your first visit to our website and apps, and at regular intervals, you will be asked to agree to the use of cookies. You can indicate which types of cookies you accept or decline. The only cookies you cannot decline are functional cookies.

Below you will find more information about the use of cookies on our websites and apps and the options for changing your cookie settings at any time.


Types of cookies

Our websites and apps use different types of cookies.

Functional cookies: cookies that are necessary for our websites and apps to work correctly. These cookies are necessary, for example to log you in to the customer area or to remember your language choice. These cookies cannot be deactivated.

Cookie Name Purpose Lifespan 1st or 3rd party
Cookie consent This cookie keeps track of whether and for which cookies the user has given his consent 1 year 1st party


Analytical cookies: cookies that collect information about the way in which visitors use our websites and apps (pages visited, average duration of visit, etc.) in order to improve their operation, to adapt the content to the visitor's wishes and to optimise your browsing experience.

Cookie Name Purpose Lifespan 1st or 3rd party
stg_last_interaction Indicates whether the last visitor's session is still running or if a new session has been started. 365 days 1st party
stg_returning_visitor Indicates whether the visitor has been to the website before. 365 days 1st party
_pk_ses.76593a19-112b-4eec-bbfc-c4b6eb6b9e35.952f Shows the visitor's active session. 30 minutes 1st party
_pk_id.76593a19-112b-4eec-bbfc-c4b6eb6b9e35.952f Used to recognize visitors and store their various properties.

13 months for non-anonymous visitors.

30 minutes for anonymous visitors if the 30-minute cookie option is enabled.

1st party


Commercial and social media cookies: cookies that collect information about your website behaviour with a view to serving you advertising or content in which you are interested, not only on our websites and apps, but also elsewhere via banners and/or direct messages (such as e-mail, text message, by post, etc.). This may also include third-party cookies to improve the content and operation of our website and apps, or to monitor and optimise ENGIE banners on other websites or other apps. With these cookies you can also share the content of our websites and apps with other people via social media.

Cookie Name Purpose Lifespan 1st or 3rd party
_fbp This cookie is a Facebook cookie, that is used to offer a set of advertising products, like realtime bidding by 3rd party advertisers. 3 months 3rd party – Facebook


Changing your cookie settings

You can change your cookie settings for our websites and apps via the following link, or on the websites of the various third parties that install cookies on our websites and apps as you can see in the above overview.

You can also decline cookies via your browser settings and you can delete any cookies already installed from your computer or device at any time.

If you decline or delete cookies, our websites and apps may not function at all or may no longer function optimally and your navigation and user comfort and convenience may be disrupted.