Doel Nuclear Power Station

The Doel nuclear power plant is located in the port of Antwerp, on the left bank of the river Scheldt. The site houses 4 reactors of the PWR type. These reactors with pressurized water are among the safest in the world. The 4 reactors have a total power ouput of 2923 MW. The Doel nuclear power plant accounts for about a quarter of the total electricity production in Belgium.

The power station of Doel: historical

In the late 1960s Belgium chose nuclear power to produce part of its electricity. The ever-increasing demand for energy could no longer be met by fossil fuels alone. Therefore the government decided to build 4 nuclear reactors in Doel and 3 in Tihange.

In 1968, Doel 1 and 2 were ordered. The surroundings of Doel were ideal because of the cooling water which could be extracted from the nearby Scheldt. The works started by creating 80 hectares of reclaimed polder area. The dykes were increased in height to 11 meters above sea level. Construction started in 1969 and in 1970 the first staff were recruited. The Doel 1 reactor was commissioned in early 1975 and later that year Doel 2 also followed. Doel 3 went online in 1982 and in mid 1985 Doel 4 was fully operational.

Doel 1 and 2 are fully owned by Electrabel. Doel 3 and 4 are largely owned by Electrabel (89.8%) and partly by EDF. Electrabel ensures the operation of the power stations to the highest levels of safety.

On September 23, Doel 3 will be shut down in accordance with the law on nuclear exit.

Key figures

hectares of land
total capacity
Electrabel employees
Nuclear reactors of PWR type (Pressurized Water Reactor)
of the Belgian energy consumption of 21 billion kWh electricity production per year
100miljoen €
annual investment in Doel


  Doel 1 Doel 2 Doel 3 Doel 4
Capacity (MW) 445 445 1006 1039
In service since 15/02/1975 01/12/1975 01/10/1982 01/07/1985
Planned closure date 15/02/2025 01/12/2025 01/10/2022 01/07/2025
Share of ENGIE Electrabel (%) 100 100 89,81 89,81
Employment More then 1000 Electrabel employees and up to thousands of external employees each year


News about Doel

The nuclear power plants of Doel and Tihange attach great importance to the relationship with their surroundings. They have established consultation bodies to communicate with local representatives. Everyone who lives near the nuclear power plants, receives the community magazine Doelbewust / Tihange Contact.

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Condition of the 4 units

Doel 1

In service

Doel 2

In service

Doel 3

out of service

Doel 4

In service

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