Nuclear energy

Belgium has 7 nuclear power plants which produce half of the country’s electricity consumption, without emitting CO₂.

Electrabel operates these 4 nuclear power plants in Doel and 3 in Tihange to the highest safety standards and in a professional way. Nuclear power is important for Belgium, for supplying electricity 24/7, for helping the country achieve its climate goals, for keeping electricity prices competitive and for providing local employment.

In the transition towards a carbon-neutral future, nuclear power can play an important role.

  • The production of electricity through nuclear power emits no CO₂. Every year, nuclear-generated electricity saves Belgium from more than 14 million tonnes of CO₂ emissions.
  • Nuclear power plants produce electricity across the whole year, 24/7, except during their annual or 18-monthly periodic maintenance, which lasts a few weeks. They are not dependent on weather conditions or the supply of fossil fuels.
  • Our nuclear power plants provide electricity at a stable price and help reduce our country’s dependence on energy imports. This way, they make an active contribution to keeping electricity prices competitive.
  • Nuclear power plants and renewable energy go perfectly hand in hand. At times of optimal  wind and solar availability in Belgium, the Belgian nuclear power plants can temporarily reduce their production in a safe way.
  • Did you know that the Belgian nuclear power plants provide 9,000 jobs in Belgium? This number represents both the direct employment on the sites of Doel and Tihange and indirect employment at suppliers.