Key questions about the nuclear power plants

Are the nuclear power plants all closing? This is indeed envisaged by the 2003 Royal Decree on the gradual nuclear energy phase out. The federal coalition agreement of September 2020 also confirms the government's intention to achieve full nuclear phase-out in Belgium by 2025.

As a responsible operator, Electrabel obviously respects this decision. So our priorities for the coming years are clear: 

  • Until 2025, we want to operate our nuclear power plants in complete safety to ensure they can contribute to a reliable and climate-friendly energy supply.
  • Prepare a professional shutdown and dismantling of Belgium's nuclear power plants.

In parallel, Electrabel and ENGIE are actively supporting the energy transition in Belgium by investing massively in renewable energy, helping our customers reduce their energy consumption, developing innovative solutions every day, offering new state-of-the-art gas power plants as envisaged by the authorities, etc.

This page provides you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about the current situation surrounding our nuclear power plants.