Key questions about the nuclear power plants

Are the nuclear power plants all closing? In the coalition agreement of 30 September 2020, the government confirmed its ambition to phase out nuclear power by the end of 2025, as also laid down in the 2003 Act, which the then government approved.

Specifically for the four units in Doel and the three units in Tihange, this means that Doel 3 will be stopped in October 2022, followed by Tihange 2 in February 2023. The three first nuclear reactors, Doel 1 and 2 and Tihange 1, were able to remain operational for 10 more years, thanks to an earlier operating extension and the associated investments and controls. In 2025 they will be disconnected from the grid as well.

As such we are in full preparation of the stop and dismantling of our nuclear power plants.

On March 18 2022, ENGIE has taken note of the Belgian government's decision to evolve its energy policy and extend the lifetime of nuclear power plants until 2035, in light of the current geopolitical situation.

ENGIE will contribute to this thought exercise by co-operating with the government in analysing the feasibility and conditions for implementing the solutions envisaged at this stage.
The decision to extend the lifetime of the Doel 4 and Tihange 3 nuclear power plants is subject to major safety, regulatory and implementation requirements - particularly as this extension would start at a time when dismantling activities at the other units have already started. This creates a risk profile that, because of its unanticipated nature and scope, exceeds the regular activities of a private operator. Therefore, the approach taken must allow for a structural balancing of the interests of the parties involved and an appropriate division of risks and opportunities. 

In the meantime, Electrabel continues to operate under the applicable legal framework of the nuclear phase-out. Until the end of 2025, our main mission is still the safe and reliable production of electricity.

This page provides you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about the current situation surrounding our nuclear power plants.