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Extension of Belgium's nuclear power plants
ENGIE has taken note of the Belgian government's decision to evolve its energy policy and extend the lifetime of nuclear power plants until 2035, in light of the current geopolitical situation.
Images of nuclear sites
Since 28 January 2022 it is legally prohibited to take and publish images of the Belgian nuclear power plants.
Present situation of the Belgian nuclear power plants: Electrabel’s reaction
In its agreement of September 2020, the federal government reaffirms its policy to phase out nuclear power in Belgium by 2025. The agreement also leaves room to consider an extension of the 2 most recent units (Tihange 3 and Doel 4) if uncertainties regarding the country's security of supply persist at the end of 2021.
Market dynamics: ENGIE is fulfilling its role in the energy sector, and is applying modulation to its local production facilities.
ENGIE and its subsidiary Electrabel, which generates low-carbon electricity in Belgium, wish to react strongly to recent reports about the current situation in the energy market and the availability of its local production units.