The Tihange nuclear power station

The Tihange nuclear power plant is located in Huy, along the right bank of the Meuse. The site houses 3 pressurized water reactors (PWR). These reactors are among the safest in the world. The 2 reactors in production have a total capacity of 1992 MW. Tihange 2, with a capacity of 1008 MW, was taken out of service on January 31, 2023. The Tihange plant accounted for around a quarter of Belgium's total electricity production in 2022.

The power station of Tihange: historical

In the late 1960s Belgium chose nuclear power to produce part of its electricity. Electricity consumption was rapidly growing and fossil fuels were no longer able to meet the rising demand. Therefore the government decided to build 4 nuclear reactors in Doel and 3 in Tihange.

In 1968, Tihange 1 was ordered. The power station was commissioned in 1975, just in time to reduce Belgium’s dependence on oil. Tihange 2 went online in mid 1983 and Tihange 3 followed in 1985.

Tihange 1 is owned 50/50 by EDF and Electrabel. This cooperation between France and Belgium started with the construction of the Chooz nuclear power plant in France. Tihange 2 and 3 are largely owned by Electrabel (89.8%) and partly by EDF. Electrabel ensures the operation of the power stations to the highest levels of safety.

The power station is located on the right bank of the river Meuse, near Huy and 25 km south-west of Liège. The location meets all safety requirements. Prior to construction, numerous detailed studies were carried out as to the quality and stability of the soil, the availability of water from the Meuse, local weather conditions and the natural and human environment.

On January 31, 2023, Tihange 2 was shut down in accordance with the law on nuclear exit.

On 13 December, ENGIE and the Belgian government signed the final agreement on the LTO for 10 years of the Tihange 3 and Doel 4 nuclear power plants and on all obligations related to nuclear waste.

Key figures

Nuclear reactors of PWR type (Pressurized Water Reactor), 2 of which are in operation and 1 is being decommissioned
total capacity
of the Belgian energy consumption in 2021
Electrabel employees
hectares of land
14 000
regulated controls and 50 audits per year


 Tihange 1Tihange 2Tihange 3
Capacity (MW)962In decommissioning1030
In service since01/10/197501/02/198301/09/1985
Planned closure date01/10/202501/02/202301/11/2035
Share of ENGIE Electrabel (%)5089,8189,81
EmploymentMore then 1000 Electrabel employees and up to thousands of external employees each year


Final shutdown of Tihange 2

In accordance with the law on the nuclear phase out, unit 2 of the Tihange nuclear power plant was definitively disconnected from the electricity grid on Tuesday January 31, 2023, after 40 years of operation. Tihange 2 is therefore the second Belgian nuclear power plant to definitively stop producing electricity.

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News about Tihange

The nuclear power plants of Doel and Tihange attach great importance to the relationship with their surroundings. They have established consultation bodies to engage with all local stakeholders. Everyone who lives near the nuclear power plants, receives the community magazine Doelbewust / Tihange Contact.

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Condition of the 3 units

Tihange 1
Tihange 2
In decommissioning
Tihange 3