Environmental Declaration Tihange

Every year, Tihange nuclear power station publishes an environmental statement describing its environmental impact and the measures taken to assure safety, protect the environment, and guarantee the well-being of its staff.

As a nuclear industrial site, we are well aware of the various environmental aspects. We make every effort to make sure our work respects the relevant environmental standards, and reduce our impact on the environment in a sustainable manner.
Environmental impacts (fr)

CO₂ emissions are comparable to those of renewable energy sources. Other emissions are thoroughly filtered to well below the statutory limits.
Atmosphere (fr)

Water from the Meuse river is used to cool the power station, and 97% of the water used is returned to the river. The amount of water that is used and returned is strictly regulated. A bonus of this process is that almost 30 tonnes of floating waste is removed from the river each year.
Water (fr)

Every possible preventive measure is being taken to prevent soil and groundwater contamination. On the site itself, supervision will continue permanently until the soil is completely decontaminated when the installations are dismantled. 
Soil (fr)

The main concern is always to reduce and manage both the radioactive and non-radioactive waste generated. The inevitable waste from industrial activities is sorted into 60 categories for recycling.
Waste management (fr)

In order to limit the noise suffered by local residents, the power station is subject to noise emission standards as specified in the environmental licence. We have voluntarily decided to impose even stricter limits than those required by the licence, and will fit the emergency diesel units with silencers.
Noise (fr)

The Tihange nuclear power station site covers an area of 74 hectares, of which 20,000 m² is currently dedicated to biodiversity and has been redeveloped into a "Nature Network" in cooperation with the Natagora Association.
Fauna and flora (fr)

A number of projects were carried out to further reduce the impact of our power station on the environment. 
Objectives and projects (fr)

EMAS ISO 14001
Déclaration environnementale Tihange 2023

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