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Tihange 2: FANC publishes new analysis on hydrogen inclusions in the reactor vessel of Tihange 2
05/01/2021 - Tihange
The hydrogen flakes in the walls of the reactor vessel of Tihange 2 have not evolved and no new indications have been added. This is the result of a follow-up inspection, which was carried out during the planned overhaul of Tihange 2. The Federal Agency for Nuclear Control has therefore no objection to the restart of the reactor.
New edition of Doelbewust & Tihange Contact
04/01/2021 - Doel - Tihange
You can read the latest edition of the information magazine Doelbewust and Tihange Contact here.
Environment Statement of 2020 now available
20/11/2020 - Doel - Tihange
Every year, Doel and Tihange nuclear power stations publish environmental statements describing their environmental impact and the measures taken to assure safety, protect the environment, and guarantee the well-being of their staff.