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Revision Doel 3, a look behind the scenes
01/10/2021 - Doel
Doel 2 manually stopped
15/07/2021 - Doel
During the night of 14 to 15 July 2021, the Doel 2 nuclear power plant was shut down manually. The employees of the contol room noticed a rapid increase in hydrogen consumption in the alternator. Therefore it was decided to shut down the unit preventively. 
New edition of Doelbewust & Tihange Contact
21/06/2021 - Doel - Tihange
You can read the latest edition of the information magazine Doelbewust and Tihange Contact here.
Animations about our nuclear power plants
Are the nuclear power plants safe? How does a nuclear power plant work? Two frequently asked questions for which we have created an animation on our website. The two videos are available to everyone and provide clear, dynamic and educational information. Discover them here: