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New edition of Doelbewust & Tihange Contact
04/02/2022 - Doel - Tihange
You can read the latest edition of the information magazine Doelbewust and Tihange Contact here.
A look inside the heart of Doel 4
19/01/2022 - Doel
Maintenance and replacement of fuel elements in the reactor core
How will the decommissioning of the Doel and Tihange power stations take place?
19/11/2021 - Doel - Tihange
After 40 to 50 years of safe operation, the 7 Belgian nuclear power plants will, one by one, stop generating electricity, ushering in the final phase of their life cycle: decommissioning, an exciting industrial challenge with a focus on safety and professionalism.

But what does decommissioning entail?
Revision Doel 3, a look behind the scenes
01/10/2021 - Doel