Environmental Declaration Doel

Responsibility and respect for the environment are two of Electrabel's core values. All our strategic choices and operational decisions take the environment into account. Every year, Doel nuclear power station publishes an environmental declaration describing its environmental impact and the measures taken to assure safety, protect the environment, and guarantee the well-being of its staff.

The life cycle of the installation involves a number of phases: construction, operation, and dismantlement, each with their own specific environmental aspects and impacts.
Environmental aspects & impacts (nl)

CO₂ emissions are comparable to those of renewable energy sources. Other emissions are thoroughly filtered to well below the statutory limits.
Atmosphere (nl)

Water from the Scheldt river cools the steam that drives the turbines. This water never comes into contact with the installation’s nuclear parts. 98% ends up being returned to the Scheldt, while the rest is emitted as vapour from the cooling towers. Water from the other circuits is thoroughly purified, and reused as much as possible.
Water (nl)

Every possible preventive measure is being taken to prevent soil and groundwater contamination. This is being constantly monitored at the site, and will continue during the future dismantling of the generation units.
Soil (nl)

The main goal is always to reduce and manage both radioactive and non-radioactive waste. All waste that leaves the site is registered and monitored until it is processed. We also enforce extensive sorting on the site. 
Waste management (nl)

In recent years, various interventions have been taken to reduce the consumption of electricity and raw materials in our installations.
Energy efficiency & raw materials (nl)

Jonge vissen, garnalen en krabben profiteren van het gunstige voedselaanbod in het koelwater dat terugvloeit naar de Schelde. Op 6ha van de site wordt aan natuurontwikkeling gewerkt.

A number of projects were carried out to further reduce the impact of our power station on the environment. 
Environmental objectives (nl)

EMAS ISO 14001
Milieuverklaring Doel 2023

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2022 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2021 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2020 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2019 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2018 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2017 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2016 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2015 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2014 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2013 (nl)

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Environmental Declaration Doel 2012 (nl)

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