Nuclear power plants and the environment

Nuclear power plants contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. But just like other industrial activities, they have an impact on the environment. In addition to the conventional impact that other power stations also have on the environment, nuclear power plants also produce a very specific type of waste: radioactive waste. In the Doel and Tihange nuclear power plants, Electrabel is taking many measures to reduce their impact.

Doel and Tihange are among 65 EMAS registered (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) companies in Belgium. This means that they strive to continuously improve their environmental performance. Each year, the two power plants publish an environmental statement describing the impact of their activities and the measures taken to guarantee safety, protect the environment and ensure the well-being of their employees.

These data are complemented by the environmental results and objectives, including the production and management of radioactive waste. For each major impact, an action plan is developed to limit the effects.