Doel 4: refurbishment of the steam turbine

On 5 August 2014, the steam turbine of Doel 4 was seriously damaged after a loss of lubrication in the non-nuclear part of the power station. The turbine seized due to the decreasing oil pressure. The power station was shut down automatically – and fully in line with the safety procedures.

Once all technical aspects were examined, the inspectors suspected that this was a deliberate manual action. Electrabel and the FANC lodged a complaint against unknown persons on 8 August 2014. Since this is relating to nuclear safety, the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office took over the matter. The investigation is still ongoing in the meantime.

The Doel 4 power station restarted on 19 December 2014. 600 people worked together intensively for the analysis, dismantling, repairs and the refurbishment of the steam turbine; an unseen process, which was completed within the planned deadline.

Since the events Electrabel has taken a number of additional safety measures:

  • The number of cameras on the site of the nuclear power plant has dramatically increased
  • Major installations are locked additionally
  • In certain areas, staff are no longer allowed
  • The access controls have become even stricter
  • All staff were additionally sensitized to the security culture