Doel 4: refurbishment of the steam turbine

On 5 August 2014, the steam turbine of Doel 4 was seriously damaged after a loss of lubrication in the non-nuclear part of the power station. The turbine seized due to the decreasing oil pressure. The power station was shut down automatically – and fully in line with the safety procedures.

Electrabel itself was the first victim of these facts and therefore regrets that the person responsible could not be identified, despite the investigation of the public prosecutor's office. The events of August 5, 2014 had a significant impact on our company, not only in terms of material, financial and reputational damage, but also in terms of psychological and social consequences for our employees.

The Doel 4 power station restarted on 19 December 2014. 600 people worked together intensively for the analysis, dismantling, repairs and the refurbishment of the steam turbine; an unseen process, which was completed within the planned deadline.

Since the events Electrabel has taken a number of additional safety measures:

  • The number of cameras on the site of the nuclear power plant has dramatically increased
  • Major installations are locked additionally
  • In certain areas, staff are no longer allowed
  • The access controls have become even stricter
  • All staff were additionally sensitized to the security culture